Educational Development Center (The Spot)



-Develop the skills of young people, both formal and non-formal, to prepare them for adult life through integrated education/career orientation

-It will also meet the needs of young people and trainers (educators, teachers, educational advisers)



1.Career Orientation (educational design)

2.International, national, regional educational projects


Target group -Youngsters (12-25 years)


Targeted internal attendance  3000-4000 Young/Month


  1. Career Orientation (educational design)

Method of good practice

Integrated education – Chemistry, Physics, Electronics, Electrotechnics

1 module = 1 month (1 day/week, 3 hours)

Performing Formal education based on the national educational curriculum in non-formal environment(laboratories companies + center)

Companies’s Trainers + Specialists+ Teachers

You can read more about such an activity that has   already been done on this concept at:

  1. International, national, regional educational projects

Engaging young people in international educational exchanges through Erasmus K1, K2, Solidarity Corps educational programs funded by The European Union

Involving trainers/teachers in international/national/regional training programs

Writing/Creating educational projects in order to be submitted for funding based on the needs of developing non formal/formal educational skills

  1. Entrepreneurship/Hubbing/Networking

Individual development of young people in relation with the community (formal classes in non formal framework)

Engaging young people in creating and developing exercise companies to develop entrepreneurial skills

Participation in international fairs for exercise companies

Creating connections/partnerships with the Community in order to create entrepreneurial events

Creating and engaging young people in Outdoor activities

Connecting with the NGO community /environment



There have already been developed such projects started with 2 companies from Oradea together with the following schools: Oltea Doamna, Theoretical College ‘Arany Janos’-Salonta, Technical College’ Mihai Viteazul’ – Oradea, School of Bors, Technical College ‘Nicolae Bolcas’-Beius, there are more and more requests from schools (teachers, students,principles) to attend this projects and also from the companies part, underlining the need for them to connect directly with the needs of youngsters to get used to the labor market

We want to open the Center on the 01.09.2019, preparation starting with the date of 01.07.2019